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We are Phil and Dorothee Auldridge, local Austin-area residents, who have a few home rentals available to share with our customers.  We take pride in our homes, and only choose houses and areas that we would personally enjoy living in.

Our homes are maintained to our own personal standards.  We feel that the relationship with our customers is a two-part responsibility:  Our role is to provide a comfortable home, establish attractive landscaping, keep the building and equipment maintained, and be responsible for mortgage payments, taxes, and insurance.  Our customers' role, of course, is to compensate for those services via the agreed monthly rent.

We do not use outside rental agencies, repair agencies, or collection services.  All problem areas are personally resolved by one of us, so our clients know they won't be dealing with a third party.

We'd be pleased to include your family in our group of happy resident/customers  Call or email us today!

NOTE:  Dorothee is a real estate agent who specializes in assisting clients in finding appropriate rentals.  If none of our own properties are available, or do not meet your needs, please call her for assistance in your search.


Hidden Hills
512 517-0055 (mobile)
CURRENT FAX: 512 672-6250 (please include area code if faxing)

RENTAL APPLICATION (there is no fee!)

phil at

NOTE:  Are you preparing to occupy one of our homes? Please CLICK HERE to review our requirements.

4 BR 2.5 Bath Single-Family Home   Sommerland Way (this house is currently occupied)

3 BR 2.5 Bath Home  Bauerle Ranch Belgrave St  (This home is currently occupied)

3 BR 2.5 Bath Planned Community home Brodie Heights (Brodie Lane) (home is currently occupied)

3 BR 2 Bath Home Circle C Ranch Gabion Dr   (This home is currently occupied)

 3 BR 2.5 Bath RENTAL   Circle C Ranch - Auckland Dr (This house is currently occupied)

4 BR 2 Bath RENTAL   Circle C Ranch - Savin Hill Ln (Sorry this home is currently occupied)

3 BR 2 Bath Home Circle C Ranch - Old Harbor Lane  (This home will be available Hune 1, 2015)